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Vortrag: The Advantages of File Name Conventions and Tagging

Tagging, Offline, Decentral, Plattform-independent


Most users do not have a clear strategy for managing their files. This talk presents an easy to use set of workflows and tools that prevents chaos for even lazy people.

Managing files in a local file system like C: or $HOME might result in a chaotic situation where you can't find information you stored away some time ago. There are multiple things that can help you to prevent this mess.

Using a really simple file name convention that consists of date- or time-stamps, description and one or more optional tags, Karl has developed a set of methods and tools that help users curating their own data in a classical file system.

This general concept will be explained according to the use-cases that arises when you maintain a collection of digital photographs: from the camera to presenting the highlights of your vacation.

Tagging, Offline, Decentral, Plattform-independent


Tag: 28.04.2018
Anfang: 15:50 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: G.AP147.004
Track: Anwendungen
Sprache: en




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